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Owning the Dash Hardcover Books 1-5 Boxed Set NOW AVAILABLE!

Owning the Dash Hardcover Books 1-5 Boxed Set NOW AVAILABLE!

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Own the first five Owning the Dash kid's financial literacy books!

Owning the Dash is an award-winning series of rhyming picture books for kids ages 4-8. Written by financial advisor and "dadvisor" Anthony Delauney, this series will help teach your kids the fundamentals of FINANCIAL LITERACY! 

32 to 38 pages each. Ages 6 to 8. Grades 3 to 5.

"    Mom's Choice Awards

"    Chanticleer Book Review

"    Readers Favorite Reviews

  • Dash and Nikki and the Jellybean Game
    • “An Interactive, vivid, and enjoyable tale of sibling collaboration.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
    • This book teaches children about the value of saving for the future, delayed gratification, patience and compassion.
  • Lilly and May Learn Why Mom and Dad Work 
    •  A straightforward and practical economic primer for young readers…Families looking for a simple, conventional explanation of the nation’s economic system will find this story helpful.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
    • This book helps young children understand why their parents go to work and how the money that parents earn helps their family live.  It introduces the basics of a family budget.
  • Rohan and Nyra and Big Sister's Bet 
    • Delauney’s picture book uses a bond between siblings to showcase…a subtle but important message…linked to gambling awareness and financial literacy.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
    • This book teaches children about how emotions and greed can influence our decision-making abilities.
  • Michael and Hannah and the Magic Money Tree 
    • “A well-illustrated story of a new attraction at the spring fair [and] the value of a good work ethic and choices that benefit everyone.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
    • This book helps young children understand a basic lesson about supply and demand and why we can’t simply just create more money to buy more things.  It introduces the initial concept of inflation.
  • Akash and Mila and the Big Jump is a valuable lesson on empowerment.
    • A pleasant kids’ story about making mistakes and facing fears…readers will find the story’s inclusion of a peer to help the kids feel comfortable in class to be a lovely touch.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
    • This book’s lesson is about trying new things, even if you try and fail after one or multiple tries. Failure is a way we grow and learn!  Overcoming our fear of judgement is a powerful lesson that will instill confidence in the years to come.  The story also shares how support and encouragement from peers plays a critical role in shaping one’s mindset about themselves and about those around them.  We can all raise each other up.
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